A Few Photos

Here’s the photos that I mentioned in the last post.  It was a fun time even if I was sick as a dog half the time and didn’t have a voice for the other half.


Still Here, Still Creating, An Update

So, if anyone is reading this, if you couldn’t tell I’m not that great at keeping up with updating sites or posting about my work.  I’m trying to get better!! I hope that I saw some of you at the Festival this past weekend, I did my first ever craft vendor festival at the Brandywine Strawberry Festival and boy was that a roller coaster ride of heat, wind, rain, and mishaps.  I was told that since I survived this one, that I should do another show to get a better experience.  I hope to do another show in the near future.  I’ll add some photos of the event in another post.

For my art, I’ve had a bit of a shift in the art that I’ve been doing.  I’m in graduate school for painting and I’m very much at the beginning of that school career and right now what I’m really doing is experimenting and trying to figure out what my own creative style even is.  I take a lot of inspiration from nature and I’m trying to exploring creating organically and letting the materials work for themselves.  I’ve been doing a lot of acrylic pouring art which uses pouring medium mixed with paint on canvas and lets gravity do a lot of the painting work.  It’s a practice in letting go of control and I think it’s really helped me with not stressing as much about how my art looks and letting it speak for itself.  I’ve also been experimenting with textured add-ins with the paint to create paintings that are fun to touch.  I’m out of school for the summer but I’ll still be creating a lot and posting a lot of work on my instagram account so make sure to check that out.  Here’s some photos of some of my recent work.

Coffee Painting

I’ve been very experimental lately (and very bad about posting about my paintings and work here) and I tried a new abstract method that I’m quickly falling in love with.  Painting. With. Coffee.  Since artists tend to live on the caffeine (at least I do), I wanted to think about how I could incorporate it into my work.  My job actually gave me the idea when someone spilled their coffee onto our shift assignment book and decided to trace the splashed lines in pen.  I fell in love with it.  Its so fluid and abstract but then adding pen makes the designs come alive! I’ll definitely be adding more and more of this type of creation into my art now, I think.

Geometric Art Experiments

I’ve recently been working with geometric abstacts a lot more in my painting, its different from the fluid way that I normally paint.  It feels very experimental and exciting, since I’m still figuring out where to go with my pieces like this.  They feel so rigid and structured at times but as I’m peeling the tape away to reveal the painted designs it becomes almost like a window into another world, a whole different piece.  I’m excited to see where this experiment will go.



      As an artist, I feel I have been taught in three ways.  One, growing up with a family with artists littered across it, experiencing oils, paints, drawing, ceramics, a variety of arts from a bunch of very different people that each taught me things in varying ways.  Second, the technical training through my undergrad experience, teaching me theory and techniques and the histories, the backbone of the arts that I was still learning to understand.

        Now, I have stepped away from undergrad, and am living on my own, and now the guidelines that I have learned by are distant as I walk my own path and find my third way.  I listen to the world around and learn from it.  I take direction and experience and emotion and feeling from the world around myself, letting my experiences help to create my body of artistic work, seeking to form connections between myself, the viewer, and the art itself.